Will the implementation price of the new national standard rise? This is the answer from leading enterprises of electric bicycles
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Concern No. 1: Will The Prices Of Various Models Rise? Although The Cost Rises, They Will Last Longer.
Price Is The Most Concerned Topic For Consumers. In Fact, As Early As The Transitional Period Of The New National Standard, Many Distributors Issued Promotional Banners Of "40 Days To Go, 1000 Yuan To Go Up", And Even Many Media Predicted That After The Implementation Of The New National Standard, The Terminal Price Would Increase At Least 500-1000 Yuan.
For Consumers, Wang Chenyang, Director And Vice President Of Jiangsu Xinri Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd., Told Reporters That Lithium Batteries Are Inevitable For Products That Meet The New National Standard Because The New National Standard Has Made Strict Regulations On The Weight Of Electric Bicycles. Lithium Batteries Are More Expensive Than Lead-Acid Batteries, So The Cost Is Bound To Rise. However, With The Continuous Escalation Of Consumption, People Choose Products Is Not A Simple Price Distinction, More Emphasis On Cost-Performance Ratio, Although The Cost Of Raw Materials Increased By 20% - 30%, But The Original Can Be Used For One And A Half Years, Now Can Be Used For Three Years. For The People, It Has Gained More Benefits, And The Increased Cost Of Selling Price Is Far Less Than The Proportion Of Prolonged Service Life.
Concern 2: What Is A Good Policy For Recycling Used Cars? Preferential Subsidies Have Been Launched Simultaneously By Existing Enterprises.
Although Policies For The Transition Period Vary From Place To Place, Electric Bicycles That Do Not Meet The New National Standards Can Still Travel On The Road Within The Validity Period After Registration, Filing And Handling Temporary License Plates With The Traffic Control Department. But The Transition Period Is Basically 3-5 Years, Which Means That A Large Number Of Electric Bicycles Will Be Scrapped In Recent Years. Many Consumers Also Pay Special Attention To Whether There Are Good Policies To Solve The Problem Of Recycling Used Cars.
Zhou Chao, Vice President Of Yadi Operations, Told Reporters That, From A Policy Point Of View, There Are Temporary Transitional Licenses For The Management Of Old National Standard Cars In All Places. Aiming At These Old National Standard Cars, Yadi Launched A Preferential Subsidy To Gradually Convert These Old National Standard Cars Into New Ones By Replacing Old Ones With New Ones.
Concern 3: How About Acceptance? It's More Reliable To Ride On A Licensed Bicycle.
How About The Acceptance Of The New National Standard And How To Choose The Corresponding Electric Bicycle Products According To Their Travel Needs?
In Zhou Chao's View, Now On The Bicycle License, Consumers Are Very Down-To-Earth, There Was No License Before, Consumers Have No Sense Of Security On The Road Without A License. At Present, The New National Standard Car Has Been Sold For A Long Time. Consumer Acceptance Is High, For Most Cyclists, Range And Speed Can Be Satisfied. To Ride Faster, You Can Buy Light Motorcycles. The Development Of An Industry Should Take Into Account Several Aspects, Not Only To Meet The Needs Of Consumers, But Also To Meet The Needs Of Social Development, And Meet The Requirements Of The Government, Combining The Interests Of Several Aspects, The Industry Will Have A Good Development.
Li Yan, CEO Of Jiangsu Maverick Electric Technology Co., Ltd., Analyzed That Whether In The Automotive Industry Or Bicycle Industry, A Core Issue That We Ultimately Solved Was Urban Travel. Urban Trips Are Divided Into Short, Medium And Long Distances. Travel Over 20 Kilometers And 30 Kilometers Does Require Driving. However, For Travel Over 10 Kilometers, Europe Is Positioned As Light Motorcycle And Electric Bicycle. Shorter Than 2 Or 3 Kilometers Is A Bicycle, Which Can Be Traveled By Booster Bicycle. In His Opinion, The Users Who Choose Not To Drive But To Ride Electric Bicycles Are Not Safe To Ride In Non-Motorized Lanes Because They Are Overweight, Overweight And Very Fast. From The Perspective Of The New National Standard, Standardization Can Make Many People Enjoy The Pleasure Of Riding.
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